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Illegal VoIP calls crushing BTRC [ Front Page ] 19/03/2017
Illegal VoIP calls crushing BTRC
Shah Alam Nur

Illegal voice over internet protocol (VoIP) has been crushing telecom sector as for the unlawful call-selling, the government is being deprived of more than Tk 130 billion revenue annually.

The Bangladesh Teleco-mmunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) has taken several initiatives to reduce the unlawful call but yet to control illegal VoIP business.

For setting VoIP call, the operators have been using channel box, GSM gateway,   soft-switch, mobile phone SIM, land phones and high-speed internet connections. The illegal VoIP call operators are also using advanced new technology. According to BTRC, due to illegal VoIP business the government has been losing around Tk 3.40 million every day.

The BTRC data also show that every day on an average 120 million minutes\' international calls are coming throw VoIP channel where as only 65 million minutes\' calls come in legal way. The rest calls are totally illegal.

Experts have said the government has raised call termination and as a result, illegal VoIP business has increased it tremendously in recent time.

They have also said the government has taken a number of initiatives to reduce Illegal VoIP business; but state-owned mobile operator Teletalk and Bangladesh Telecom-munications Company Ltd (BTCL) are allegedly involved in illegal VoIP business resulting in government loss of huge amount of revenue.

The BTRC sources said due to illegal VoIP call only 30 million minutes\' calls were coming in legal way in 2012.  Situation has improved from 2013 as that time more than 46 million minutes\' calls came legally. In 2014, 70 million minutes\' and in 2015, 120 million minutes\' legal VoIP calls came every day. Legal VoIP calls have dropped in 2016 as that year daily legal calls came for 65 million minutes.

Shahjahan Mahmood, Chairman of BTRC, has said to control the VoIP  business they have taken a number of initiatives including SIM box detection system, self-regulatory process, segos system and three VI systems. "But we are yet to control the illegal business."

He said the government had introduced biometric system to control the illegal VoIP business.  Their initiative was continuing in the process to reduce unfair call business, he added.

He has also said they are trying to control the illegal business and as a result recently illegal calls have reduced. The BRTC has conducted 33 derives against illegal VoIP business in 2015-16.

 To constrict the illegal VoIP business, BTRC has sized a huge quantity of its instrument including channel box, GSM gateway,   soft-switch, server, ruder, modem, cellophane hand set, lain switch, calling card and unregistered SIM cards.
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