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Extra charge for using Benapole port terminal! [ metropolis ] 05/06/2017
Extra charge for using Benapole port terminal!
There rise a allegedly ‘allegation’ on Saturday against the Benapole port authority to take the extra charge for using the International Passenger Terminal after it’s inaugurating on Friday, reports UNB.

The passengers from both Bangladesh and India allegedly raise an allegation against the port authority that there was a directive to the authority to take Tk 36.90 as a Terminal charge but the authority took Tk 40 and give a receipt of TK 38.76.

India going passengers and the transports managers claims to the UNB correspondent that the authority took extra charge for using terminal.

There are a various charges for using terminal like, TK 9.44 for entry charge, 9.44 for waiting, 3.78 for service and terminal charge is tk9.44 which totals is Tk 32.10. Including 15pc Value Added tax (Vat) total might be TK36.90.

At least 5000 to 6000 passengers from both countries used the terminal everyday.

If the took the waiting charge but they did not managed the place for waiting, the passengers said.

Abdur Rauf, director (Traffic) of the port declaims the allegation and did not make any comment at this regards.

On Friday Shipping Minister Shajahan Khan inaugurated the terminal for the passport-holding passengers of Bangladesh and India.

Although the terminal constructed in 2006, the port authority had been used as an administrative building for the last 11 years.
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